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Sharon C. Carelock

Sharon C. Carelock began performing at church and she instantly knew that she wanted to pursue a professional career in the arts. With the encouragement and guidance from her family, she attended Emory University (Oxford College and Emory College) where she received an undergraduate degree focused on dance, theater, and production design. Since graduating, she choreographed and performed for many notable artists in the Atlanta area. She also continued to develop her skills in technical theater under the mentorship of Emory dance faculty Greg Catellier and BlackLight Productions’ Andre Allen. These were fruitful years for Sharon, but she wanted to continue her education and develop her own artistic voice. In 2013 she was accepted to the master's program at the Florida State University School of Dance. There she renewed her passion for singing by working on projects such as Emily Johnson’s piece SHORE and to create unique movement and vocal works, such as, How He Went Home (2013), Bardo (2014), and her thesis work [Contain(her)] (2015). Upon graduating from FSU School of Dance, Carelock came back to Atlanta and immediately started working for Lucky Penny as a stage manager for their summer production Head’s Up and the youth development dance organization, Moving in the Spirit, as a Teaching Artist and a Technical Director. She did this as well as volunteering her production skills to church/community organizations, such as World Changers Youth Experience and Organique Connections and performing in the memorable works BAES: Beauty and Entertainment Systems by Corian Ellisor and Keep the Body, Take the Mind by Kamali Hill. She also reconnected with Core Dance Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder and was commissioned to create and perform the solo, Un-[Caged](2016), for Off the Edge: Edge in Unexpected Spaces.​She was hired as Production Manager for Core Dance in 2016. Sharon C. Carelock continues to perform with amazing choreographers and directors in the Atlanta area. She is looking forward to the many opportunities to create and present her own work and is grateful to all that have played a part in her growth and success.

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