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I am a Black woman living a Black experience

making work from a Black perspective that speaks truth to power


My work celebrates the embodied conversations between Mother Africa

and the diaspora that derives from her


My work elevates Black bodies where they rightfully belong

by excavating the beauty that resides within us


My work does not apologize, for being too loud, too vibrant, too well mannered,

too ghetto, too woke, or too ratchet


My work does not apologize for making people uncomfortable


My work is for the little Black girl with kinky hair,

and the little Black girl with a press and curl 

for the Muvas, Fahvas, Bothas, Sistas,

Cousin Man-Man, Ray-Ray, Pookie and ‘em.

for the Angela Davis, and the Assata Shakurs,

the Bessie Smiths and Ma Rainys, 

the Kimberle Crenshaws and the Patricia Hill Collins

the Marcus Garveys, James Baldwins, Fred Hamptons,

and the Huey P. Newtons

the Tony Morrisons and Terry McMillans


My work is for my Ancestors and every highly melanated Black being

I make work for Black Lives because we Matter

Photo Credit: Niqko

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