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Kristel Rose Tedesco

The late Kristel Rose Tedesco was a movement artist and choreographer from Patchogue, NY. She received her training at The Ailey School and then went on to earn a BFA in Dance and BS in Dance Science from Elon University in 2014. Upon graduation, she performed with Gaspard & Dancers in Durham, NC and was a featured dancer in the independent film Alto (2015), directed by Mikki del Monico.   Since relocating to Atlanta in 2015, Kristel has performed with T. Lang Dance, Bluebird Uncaged and independent choreographers including Otis Sallid, Bella Dorado, Kamali Hill, and Rachael Shaw. Recently, her choreography was commissioned by Fulton County Arts Council for National Dance Week.  As a dance science scholar, her research was presented at academic conferences for the American Physical Therapy Association and the International Dance Medicine Association. Kristel explored the complexities of the human form as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She was interested in integrating the creative process with the scientific method and aims to explore the fusion of artistry and athleticism in her work.

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